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Friday, 20 May 2011

The big game on a big screen

The Market Square will be the place to be for Saints supporters who cannot get to Cardiff to watch the the Heineken Cup Final on Saturday (21 May).

This weekend rugby's European Cup Final will be shown live on a big screen in the Market Square. Tickets for the game were quickly snapped up by Saints fans leaving many supporters disappointed, so officers at Northampton Borough Council have organised for a large screen to be brought into the town centre.

The screen will be set up on Saturday and coverage of the match will start at 4pm with all the build up ahead of the 5pm kickoff.

The SJRA would like to wish the Saints the very best of luck.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Should cars return to Abington Street in Northampton?

The Borough Council are looking into re-opening Abington Street. The idea was first mooted by the Conservative group at the Guildhall prior to last week’s borough council elections; now they are the ruling party, the plan could become reality.

Do residents think this is a good idea, should residents be offered the choice of a ballot?

If put in place, it would allow vehicles to turn left out of St Giles Terrace and along Abington Street, then turning right at Wellington Street, by the side of Marks & Spencer. Initially, it would only be buses and taxis who could take advantage of the new road, but longer term it is hoped Abington Street can be opened to cars and also house some short-term parking.

The SJRA believe that the Council need to make sure that they give the residents of Northampton a proper chance to discuss this matter publicly.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

New Borough Council Cabinet unveiled

The Cabinet line up will be:
Councillor Palethorpe - Leader
Councillor Bottwood - Cabinet member for Finance
Councillor Hadland - Cabinet member for Regeneration and Enterprise
Councillor Yates - Cabinet member for Planning and Environment
Councillor Malpas - Cabinet member for Housing
Councillor Hill - Deputy Leader and Cabinet member for Community Engagement

There is one less Cabinet position than under the previous administration.

Councillor Mackintosh will not receive any additional allowance or remuneration in the new role of Cabinet Advisor. 

Daventry District and Northampton prepare for change in waste and recycling services

Daventry District Council and Northampton Borough Council are gearing up for the changes to the waste and recycling services across both areas that will begin next month following the establishment of the new partnership between the two authorities and Enterprise Managed Services Ltd.
The new, seven-year partnership will begin in June.  The two authorities will share back office and management functions for these services and make significant financial savings while providing high quality, effective local services.
Under the new arrangements, waste and recycling collections will now take place six-days a week, Monday to Saturday, across both areas. This means that collection days will change for many people.
Brown bins will be collected fortnightly in Northampton and most residents in the borough will be able to put out all their recyclables, whatever the material, every week.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Castle Pub Planning Application

The SJRA urge Residents to go to the Borough Councils planning web page and lodge an objection to the proposed planning application N/2011/0390.  You can cut and paste the comment below for your convenience.

"Whilst it is pleasing to see the premises potentially being used it will be a concern to many residents that parking will be an issue as it is already at a premium in this area. In addition, the traffic using the proposed facility will have to enter via Byfield Road an already heavily used and congested road and travel via the back streets to get to it as there is no direct vehicular access to the former pub. Also there will be concern to many residents the level of noise and rubbish that this will bring into the area".

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Planning Applications

A planning application No. N/2011/0390 has been submitted to convert the former Castle Pub on St. James Park Road into a restaurant/café and hot food takeaway with three flats in the accommodation above. The closing date for comments and objections is 16th June 2011. Whilst it is pleasing to see the premises being used it will be a concern to many residents that parking will be an issue as it is already at a premium in this area. In addition, the traffic using the proposed facility will have to enter via Byfield Road and travel via the back streets to it as there is no direct vehicular access to the former pub.

Goodbye Councillor Trini Crake

Well its seems I am destined to fail in my attempt to get an answer to the emails that I sent to Councillor Crake regarding the problems with street cleaning in St James. Even though I sent the first email way back in April, and now that the Lib Dems are making way for the new administration I feel I will never get a reply. So with a certain amount of regret I feel that there is little left to say To Councillor Trini Crake apart from..........................


Monday, 9 May 2011

St James Library

All St James Library customers and residents are invited to a drop in morning about setting up a Friends Group

Friday, 6 May 2011

Our New Borough Councillor

Terry Wire
Borough Councillor For St James

The St James Residents' Association would like to congratulate Terry and we look forward to working with him.

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