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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Down Your Way, for Mon 23rd January

The next open residents meeting of the St James Residents’ Association takes place on Thursday 16th February at 7pm at the Doddridge Centre on St James Road. As well as being able to meet your local Councillors and Police it is also the oppertunity to raise any concerns that may be affecting you or that you are having trouble in resolving. Also on the agenda will be permit parking issues and the latest situation on that. We also have a guest speaker or two lined up. More details when confirmed. Apologies for the mistake in last week’s column, the meeting is as above.

WNDC Approves Its Own Plans

The West Northamptonshire Development Corporation has controversially approved its own plans for a £6.5 million “Innovation Centre”, otherwise known as the Cube because of its squat uninspiring design.

Whilst we are in support, in principle to the potential creation of such a large amount of jobs to be created on our doorstep and in the principle of Social Enterprise, we are appalled and deeply concerned by the principle of no parking will be provided on site. We are equally appalled and deeply concerned that this association has not been consulted on these plans, particularly as the WNDC are our neighbours and should be all too aware of our existence and that, St. James and its legendary parking issues have not been taken into account within this application. The notion that it is deemed “acceptable” for no parking to be provided is astonishing, even more astonishing is that users of this building are expected to use public car parks and the railway station car park. Whilst it is laudable and understandable that such a model is an aspiration, in reality it does not work. Planning offices throughout the country have passed applications on the assumption that people will walk or use public transport to access facilities or buildings. The reality is something quite different and we only have to look up the road at the Life building development to see this. Here too it was stated that residents would be walking to work, the shops or using public transport as a reason to approve. The vast majority of residents use cars! We know because we live here! The very same problem will occur with this application for the following reasons;  SJRA Comment

Parking Issues - Permit Parking Review

Permit Parking Review - Consultation Starts Friday 20th

The County Council have informed us of a town wide parking review of its permit parking scheme, and in particular they want your views on whether you want changes to the current system, including disbanding it altogether or variations in the operating hours for example. It is vitally important that as many residents take part as possible to get an accurate idea of what the best way forward is. The last time a review was carried out, two years ago, less than 25% of residents responded despite correspondence being delivered to each household.

This is an excellent time to air your concerns and suggestions on this controversial issue. The council review begins on Friday 20th January and runs until February 10th. Residents can take part in the online survey by visiting the consultation section on the council’s website at Residents Parking Survey or by calling the council on Northampton 01604 364566 or email:

Not all residents have internet access however, if this is you there are two other options; you can pop down to the library and use the county council computer there, staff will be only to pleased to help you with this, or you can send your comments to the St. James Residents Association at the Doddridge Centre and we will ensure your comments reach the parking department. Please tell your friends and neighbours.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Northamptonshire Police defends decision not to dip into £21m reserves to save PCSOs

POLICE chiefs have defended a decision not to use the force’s £21 million of reserves despite a funding crisis that could see nearly 50 PCSOs lose their jobs.

Down Your Way, for Mon 16th January

The next open residents meeting of the St. James Residents’ Association takes place on this Thursday 16th February at 7pm at the Doddridge Centre on St. James Road. As well as being able to meet your local councillors and police it is also the opportunity to raise any concerns that may be affecting you or that you are having trouble in resolving. Also on the agenda will be permit parking issues and the latest situation on that. We also have a guest speaker or two lined up. More details when confirmed.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Northampton Borough Council media release:

Giving people more of a say in their community
Next week Councillors at the Guildhall will be looking at how the Borough Council can help local people have more of a say in what happens in their area and how they are represented at a community level. 
On Wednesday 18 January Borough Councillors will discuss  the first of two reports that could lead to the creation of new parish councils or changes to the way existing parish councils are run. The Northampton Community Governance Review recommends the Council supports a borough wide review of how people are represented at a community level. 
The Council's Cabinet are being asked to approve the resources needed to  carry out the review which will work with local communities to look at how the views of residents are  currently represented in the parished and unparished areas of the town  and work with communities to put forward proposals for new parish councils where there is local interest in developing them.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

PCSO warns of ‘vacuum’ if numbers are slashed across Northamptonshire

Published in the C&E Sunday 1 January 2012 10:45

A SERVING Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) from Northamptonshire has warned a “vacuum” will be left in the county if the number of community officers is slashed.

In an open letter to the Chronicle & Echo the PCSO, who wishes to remain anonymous, described the popular officers as the “glue” that allows police, councils and other agencies to protect vulnerable people up and down the county.

The officer said plans by Northamptonshire County Council, Northampton Borough Council and Northamptonshire Police to slash almost 50 PCSOs could leave vulnerable members of the public “stranded” and warned the cuts, if passed, would also have a “knock-on” effect on other parts of society.

The letter, printed in full, said:

Christmas tree recycling in Northampton

Anyone with a real Christmas tree can drop it off at one of Northampton Borough Council's tree collection points where it will be taken away for composting.

The collection points will be located at Billing Garden Store from Friday 6 January to Wednesday 11 January and at B&Q on Towcester Road from Thursday 12 January until noon on Friday 13 January.
Once collected trees will be taken to the council’s recycling centre in St James where they will be shredded to make compost.

Alternatively trees can be taken to one of the town’s Household Waste Recycling Centres or cut up and placed in householders’ brown wheelie bins ready for the next scheduled collection.

Households that do not have brown wheelie bins because they live in a black sack collection area can bag up cuttings and call Northampton Borough Council’s customer contact centre to arrange for a free collection.

For more information phone 0300 330 7000.

St James End before 1965

St James End before 1965


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