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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Why are we paying taxes for a service we just dont get.........

It is obvious that St James does not get the service that our tax payers pay for. NO WEEDING!  FLY TIPPING!  GRAFFITI!  Overgrown Trees, weeds pushing through our pavements, The St James area is fast becoming a fly tipping dumping ground for everyone and anyone. Now maybe someone could tell me why the new administration was voted in? Has there been an improvement in the area? How long do we have to keep making excuses for the new administration? When is the new administration going to take control of our service and give us what we pay for?

I openly challenge any member of the cabinet and a member of the Borough Council to come on here and defend or to try and rebuff the statement I have made. Or publicly meet me and try to defend their lack of action in St James.

Now for the evidence:

John Connolly
SJRA Chair

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St James End before 1965

St James End before 1965


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