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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Beware of car park salesmen bearing 'gifts'

The Financial Crime Team are warning members of the public to keep their wits about them this Christmas time if they stumble across any car park salesmen bearing 'gifts'.

The team has dealt with three incidents in Northampton car parks where people have exchanged cash with salesmen for goods that turned out to be not what they seemed.

Victims have parted with money thinking they were buying items like a laptop or a mobile phone only realising, on closer inspection once the transaction had taken place, that the bag containing these so-called items in fact contained items like potatoes or old books.

PC Liam O'Neill, of the Financial Crime Team, said: "With Christmas soon upon us, it is timely to remind members of the public to be on their guard when out shopping.

"With money tight, there will be many people on the lookout for a bargain and they may be susceptible to what seems a good offer.

"There are salesmen out and about in car parks or retail parks offering laptops and other valuables for sale, when in fact they are selling nothing of the sort.

"Please be careful if you enter into this sort of transaction, as anything that sounds too good to be true most probably is.

"At the very least, check out the credentials of the salesman and ask to look at and test what they are selling.

"But we would always advise anyone looking to purchase valuables this Christmas to buy them from a reputable dealer, not someone they meet in the street."

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