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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

News Release From St. James Residents’ Association

Residents’ Association Meeting – Parking Permit Consultation Thursday 16th February 2012

The February meeting of the St. James Residents’ Association will take place on Thursday 16th at in the Doddridge Centre on St. James Road.

As well as the normal updates from Councillors and Police, the meeting is expected to be well attended; because also on the agenda is the issue of whether a parish council would be suitable for St. James.

In addition, as part of the town wide permit parking review consultation the bulk of the meeting will be taken up by a question and answer session on the subject of parking in St. James. It is proposed to also make changes to designated parking bays, yellow linage and waiting restrictions at the same time as changes to the permit scheme.
In attendance to take questions will be Jim Whiting, Senior Traffic Engineer for the County Council, who is managing the permit review and Andrew Leighton, the Community Liaison Officer for the County Council.

Residents’ who are in the permit scheme and business owners are urged to come along and find out more about the Council’s proposals and raise their concerns. This is the perfect opportunity to be involved in the decision making process. In addition, questionnaires have been delivered to permit holders and they can be handed in at this meeting.

For more details telephone 07598976919 or visit

All are welcome  and free Tea and Coffee is available.

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St James End before 1965


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