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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Proposed Changes to the Controlled Parking Zones in Northampton

Consultation Details:

Title:                  Proposed Changes to the Controlled Parking Zones in Northampton 
Subject:             Parking

Start Date:         17 May 2012
End Date:          07 Jun 2012
Result Date:       31 Aug 2012

Overview: At the start of 2012 the County Council undertook a consultation with residents living in parking permit zones (Northampton) to ensure that they are fit for purpose and still meet the needs of the local community.

Having compiled the results of this survey the County Council is now advertising the legal notices for the proposed changes of which the majority of residents have requested in each of the zones. This is the final opportunity to comment before the proposals are agreed and implemented. The proposed changes in all of the parking permit zones are available to view by clicking the links below, along with the assessment of the results of the consultation undertaken earlier this year.

  View Consultation Details

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