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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Borough Council asks for carnival to be postponed because of poor weather

Northampton Borough Council has asked the Carnival Committee to postpone the Carnival due to take place tomorrow, Saturday 9 June, because the very poor weather conditions mean that Delapre Abbey’s grounds and parklands – where the carnival begins and ends with a fair - cannot be used. 

The poor weather conditions of the last week, coupled with the prediction of very high winds and further rain tomorrow, mean that the event cannot safely take place on the site - there is a risk of falling branches and vehicles cannot park on the waterlogged grounds.
The Council has worked closely with the Carnival committee throughout the day (Friday) and monitored the situation by the hour but the conditions have not improved and it has now been decided that it is not safe for the land to be used tomorrow.

The Borough Council has offered to work closely with the Carnival Committee to find a new date for the Carnival later in the Summer.

Cllr David Mackintosh, Leader of Northampton Borough Council, said:  "We are very disappointed. I’m truly sorry for the late notice but we have waited as long as we could before making this difficult decision. The Carnival is a great event for the town but Delapre is waterlogged and just cannot be used safely.  We hope this is a postponement and will work very closely with the organisers to make sure the Carnival happens sooner rather than later.”

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