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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Dozens of roads to be closed for £2.5 million upgrade of Northampton’s sewers

Anglian Water is planning to re-line 90 different sections of sewer including five-and-a-half kilometres of pipes in the town centre.
The aim of the work is to protect the ageing brickwork and reduce the potential for the sewer to be blocked.
The work will involve a number of road closures across the town while the work is carried out.
Roads affected include Booth Lane South, Collingtree Road, Kettering Road and Weedon Road.
The work involves a long ‘sock’ lined with resin being inserted into the sewer where it fixes itself to the walls. It is then heat cured to form a rigid pipe within a pipe which is designed to last for 100 years.
John Clare from Anglian Water said road closures may be needed for safety reasons but this will be done with plenty of notice and access will be maintained for residents and emergency vehicles.
He said: “This is a big job but the hope is that by using the liners we can keep disruption to an absolute minimum.

“While we will need to do some digging to widen manholes and help with survey work, there should be no need for big trenches.
“Many of these sewers are between four and six metres underground so digging them up would be hugely disruptive and take a very long time.
“This should be much quicker, cleaner and will still provide Northampton with sewers fit for the 21st century.
Mr Clare said people in individual streets will get a letter a week before work starts and would be informed of progress.
There is also a drop in session for anyone who wants to know more about the project, which is being held on Thursday at St Michael’s Church in Turner Street between 3.30pm and 7pm.
The full list of roads affected by the work are Abbey Road, Adams Avenue, Adnitt Road, Albion Place, Ardington Road, Artizan Road, Arundel Street, b
Blackwell Close, Booth Lane South, Bostock Avenue, Burns Street, Cattle Market Road, Clinton Road, Collingtree Road, Cornhill Close, Cyril Street, Derby Road, Earl Street, Fishpond Cottage, Foundry Street, Green Street, Grove Road, Harding Terrace, Hunter Street, Kettering Road, Laurel Court, Lumbertubs Lane, Military Road, Nene Valley Way, Northampton Lane South, Perry Street, Poole Street, Ransome Road, Rectory Lane, Robert Street, Scarletwell Street, School Lane, St Andrews Road, St Andrews Street, St Peters Way, Station Road, Tanner Street, The Drive, The Vale, Turner Street, Victoria Street, Weedon Road, Whitworth Road, York Avenue.

Published on Monday 14 January 2013 10:40

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