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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Residents’ Meeting Thurs 11th April 2013

The next open meeting of the St. James Residents’ Association will take place next week on Thursday 11th April at 7pm at the Doddridge centre, St. James Road.

We will have updates from local councillors, Police, Neighbourhood wardens and the Castle Partnership. Two of the councillors will be making their last attendance at this meeting as councillors as the changes to ward boundaries in the forthcoming County Council elections mean they will no longer be representing St. James as a ward, they are Tony Clarke and Suresh Patel.

The forthcoming elections will be discussed at the meeting and some of the candidates will be in attendance hoping to influence the residents vote. All are welcome to come along and see if the candidates are worthy of your vote.

In addition, we have two guest speakers; Jodie Low, Director of Free2TalkCIC, a social enterprise company that work with young people and families and help empower them to change their lives, Jodie will be talking about her work and how they help communities and how they can help residents.

The other guest speaker is Pauline Woodhouse, Community Development Officer for the Northampton Bangladeshi Association who will be talking about her work and the Womens’ Forums she is running and the wider role in the community.

Residents will also have the opportunity to raise any issues or concerns that they may be experiencing and wish to share with the community.

Free tea and coffee will be available and everyone is welcome to attend.

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St James End before 1965

St James End before 1965


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