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Monday, 18 November 2013

Alcohol Awareness Week

Northamptonshire Police is supporting this week’s Alcohol Awareness Week, which is aimed at encouraging people to think intelligently about alcohol, and the impact it has on individuals and society. 

As well as the associated health risks, excessive alcohol consumption is linked to 50 percent of violent crime, not to mention family dysfunction and road traffic collisions.

During the week, we will be raising awareness of alcohol related issues in the county and asking people to think about their relationship with drink. We will also be backing Dry January 2014, encouraging people to give up drinking for a month.

Chief Inspector Dave Spencer, Northamptonshire Police’s lead for alcohol harm reduction, said:

“Alcohol has a huge impact on policing.

“Drink-fuelled anti-social behaviour in our pubs, clubs and on our streets is only part of the problem. Offenders are thought to be under the influence of alcohol in 25 to 33 per cent of known child abuse cases as well as 50 percent of all violent crimes. Excessive drinking clearly increases your likelihood of committing a crime or becoming a victim.

“The harm that alcohol can do in our communities cannot be ignored.

“Officers will be tweeting about alcohol-related incidents as part of Alcohol Awareness Week, and encouraging people to think about the harm alcohol can bring to our local communities.”

Chief Constable Adrian Lee, the national lead for Alcohol Licensing and Harm Reduction, said:

“Alcohol plays a significant part in the social lives of many people and can make a positive contribution to our society; however the effects of irresponsible drinking are seen and dealt with across the county by the emergency services every day. 

“In a recent 24 hour period 27% of all calls for service to the police control room were alcohol related. Throughout the awareness week we want people to consider their relationship with alcohol and how it impacts on their life.’

The Police and Crime Commissioner has lent his support to the week of action.

Adam Simmonds said:

“One of my main focuses is to ensure all agencies are working together to tackle alcohol-related crime.

“Drink-related incidents are a huge drain on police resources, and cost Northamptonshire Police nearly £1.5 million every year. I support any move which encourages debate about the impact excessive drinking has on our communities.”

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