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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Legal Highs

POLICE and public health professionals are repeating warnings about ‘legal highs’ following a number of recent incidents in the county.

Three men were found collapsed outside a night club in Northampton town centre last weekend and were taken to hospital. It is believed they had taken a substance identified as a ‘legal high’.

All the men are recovering but the county councillor responsible for public health and well being said that he had serious concerns about the availability and use of new psychotropic drugs.

Councillor Robin Brown said: “The very term ‘legal highs’ could lull people into thinking that these substances are safe and regulated. 

“The reality is that there has been very little useful research into their short, medium and long-term effects, both mentally and physically. The bottom line is they are not safe. 

“I would urge anybody who uses them or is considering using them to get some impartial advice so they can understand the risks they are taking. 

“Please visit the NHS Choices website or talk to the people at drugs-counselling agency CAN, if you’re under-18, and social health and care charity CRI if you’re an adult.”

CAN’s young peoples team can be contacted on 08450 556246 or while CRI can be contacted on 0845 034 4549 or 

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