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Monday, 20 January 2014

Police in Northampton urge people to lock their doors

Police in Northampton are reminding people to check their home security following a number of burglaries at homes where doors have been left unlocked.

Nineteen of the 51 burglaries reported in Northampton since 1 January have been at properties where the offender has got in through an unlocked front or back door.

Detective Sergeant Carrie Powers said: “Unfortunately, too many people still leave doors unlocked – often they simply forget to check or think someone else in the house must have done it.

“In the first 13 days of January, more than a third of burglaries in the Northampton area have happened because the house was left insecure – in some of these, the householder was in the property at the time.

“Burglars are opportunistic and if they come across a door or even a window that’s been left unlocked, it’s an easy target for them. Yesterday, central sector officers were checking doors while out on patrol and found 15 front doors unlocked.

“Properties where the front door opens straight onto the street or back onto an alleyway can be particularly vulnerable, but I would urge everyone, wherever they live, to please make sure they’ve locked up properly, both when they’re in the house and when they go out.

“Even if someone is at home, if a front door is open, it can take just seconds for a burglar to steal a handbag or set of keys left in the hall.”

The burglaries happened in locations across the town, including Cedar Road, Briton Terrace, Washington Street, Balmoral Road, Countess Road, Gladstone Road, Pembroke Road, St James Park Road, Greenwood Road, Grafton Street, Ethel Street, Whitworth Road, Cowley Close and Woodford Street.

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